Tooth color Filling
Having a cavity doesn’t have to mean having a mouth full of metal. Composite resin maybe the material of choice. Not only can we fill new cavities with white fillings but we can also replace your old metal filling with the more attractive white filling.
Composite resins are what most people think of when they talk about “white filling”. These materials are improving at such a rapid rate that they can be placed in most teeth with the same confidence as silver Amalgam

1. The preparation is more conservative as well/making minimally invasive
2. appropriate for small to medium sized of restoration
3. Esthetics
4. Immediate result
5. Less Expensive than Inlay/Onlay ( ceramic filling)

1. The bonded area of teeth can chip and stain over time
2. It may not be strong enough for large sized of restoration [when these problem occure the next choice would be Inlay/Onlay or crown

The Procedure
1. The tooth structure is cleaned and etched.
2. The adhesive is applied to the area needing bonding.
3. Once applied,a tooth colored bonding material is placed on the tooth.It is permanently hardened
and fuse to the tooth with a hand held white light gun.This process is called Photo curing

Ceramic Filling (inlay or onlay)

Tooth Colored Inlays and Onlays
Inlay is the preferred treatment when tooth decay or damage lies within the cusp tips of the tooth. An onlay is the needed treatment if the extent of damage is greater; requiring the new restoration to cover the entire chewing surface of one or more tooth cusp tips. Inlays and onlays allow for the preservation and conservation of healthy tooth structure while strengthening it at the same time. The two-visit process is such. After preparing and impressing, new high tech porcelain and resin materials are fabricated at the dental lab to custom fit and perfectly match your tooth color. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

There is no need to cut away chunks of healthy tooth structure or grind the tooth down to a stub for the sake of retention. Only
the decay and damaged tooth structure is removed.
Hence, teeth will last longer and dental emergencies
will be minimized.

1. More conservative and esthetics than crown
2. Unlike Filling,these procedures strengthen a tooth’s structure.
3. They also tend to last longer than a filling because inlay/onlay is custom made and bonded to the tooth.

1. They cost as much as crown and sometimes even more.
2. They require two trips to dentist.

If more extensive treatment,the crown is needed.