What is sealant ?

Sealants are products of dental research used for sealing deep groove of a young molar to against decay. They are proven to be effective in protecting the pits and fissures without harming the tooth enamel or making any changes in the oral cavity.

Why to do sealant ?

Since young molar tooth which just comes through the gum, the groove and pit are naturally deep and narrow which food debris can be easily tapped but it is difficult to clean thus causing decay. In addition, the calcification of the structure of young teeth itself has yet incomplete formation vulnerable to bacteria developing decay.

When to do ?

Sealant are usually applied triple :

2.1) 3 – 4 years of age. (All baby teeth are already in the mouth)

2.2) 6 – 7 years of age. (The first permanent molar tooth are already in the mouth)

2.3) 11 – 13 years of age. (The premolar and second molar are already in the mouth)

How to do ? And does it hurt ?

Teeth that have been selected for treatment are cleaned first, then condition, wash and dry the tooth. The sealant, in a liquid from, is then painted on the dry, clean tooth and cured with the bright light. As the sealant is hardening, it bonds to the enamel surface of the tooth and becomes a permanent barrier to decay. This method is simple and painless, and no driling is necessary.