• Do root canals hurt?

In most cases root canals do not hurt. The pain associated with root canals is due to an infection or an irritated nerve and this pain procedure the root canal. The root canal procedure removes the nerve and cleans out the infection, therefore root canal usually get rid of the pain.

  • How many visits are necessary for a root canal?

Usually 1-2 visits may be necessary to complete a root canal.

  • Will my tooth change color following a root canal?

Yes, in most cases a tooth does darken over time following a root canal because the tooth is no longer vital; however, the tooth may be bleached internally or restored with a crown or veneer to correct this.

  • Will I be able to go back to work?

Yes, following the root canal procedure you will still have anesthesia; therefore, not experience any pain or swelling and getting back to work is not contraindicated.

  • Does that mean that I keep my tooth?

Yes, the root canal procedure is performed to allow you to keep your tooth. Only the nerve and blood supply to the tooth are removed but the rest of the tooth remains.

  • Wouldn’t it be easier to just extract the tooth?

Extracting a tooth may sometimes be more difficult and painful. Additionally when a tooth is extracted, the adjacent teeth start to shift and thereby cause more problems in the long run. Replacing that tooth will also be more costly instead of performing the root canal.

  • Will I need a crown afterwards?

In most cases, crowns are necessary following root canal procedure in order to restore the tooth to proper function and esthetics. Following a root canal the tooth becomes more brittle and more likely to fracture and having a crown performed afterwards prevents this.


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