Retainer Night Guard

A retainer night guard is a custom-fitted dental appliance worn over the teeth at night to prevent damage from grinding and clenching. It is designed to protect the teeth, jaw joints, and soft tissues from the effects of bruxism, which is the habit of grinding or clenching the teeth during sleep. Retainer night guards are typically made from a soft or hard material that is molded to the shape of the patient’s teeth. They can be removable or permanently attached to the teeth. The purpose of a retainer night guard is to create a physical barrier between the upper and lower teeth, reducing the pressure and damage caused by grinding and clenching.


Night Guard



Should I use Clear Retainers or Night Guards for Teeth?

The choice between clear retainers and night guards for teeth depends on your specific needs and the recommendation of your dentist.

Clear retainers, also known as clear aligners, are used primarily for orthodontic purposes to maintain the position of the teeth after braces have been removed. They are removable, transparent, and typically worn full-time for a specific period of time.

Night guards are used to protecting the teeth from damage caused by bruxism (grinding and clenching during sleep). They are typically made of a hard or soft material and are worn over the teeth while sleeping.

If you have been diagnosed with bruxism, your dentist may recommend a night guard to protect your teeth. If you have completed orthodontic treatment and need to maintain the position of your teeth, a clear retainer may be recommended. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the best option for your individual needs.

Clear Retainers, Night Guards or Mouth Guards

What difference Between Night Guards and Mouth Guards?

Night guards and mouth guards are two different products used for different purposes:

Night guards are worn primarily to protect the teeth and jaws from damage caused by grinding or clenching during sleep. They are usually made of a soft or hard plastic material that is custom-fit to the wearer’s teeth and designed to prevent excessive wear or damage to the teeth.

Mouth guards are worn primarily to protect the teeth, mouth, and jaw from injury during contact sports or other physically demanding activities. They are usually made of a soft, flexible material that can absorb the impact of a blow to the face and protect the teeth and jaws from injury.

In summary, night guards are worn to protect against damage from grinding or clenching during sleep, while mouth guards are worn to protect against injury during sports or physical activity.

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