Patient Profile


 Patient Details

Name Maija-Liisa 
Treatment On 22 October 2007
Nationality Findish
Gender Female
Age 50
Patient Number   50010380
Oral Diagnosis Discolor Tooth, Stain & Stone,
Treatment 1) Cool Light Teeth Whitening   1   visit (30 minutes)   7,900 baht
2) Cleaning 1 visits (20 minutes)                                       500 baht

Time Total 50 minutes

Cost Total 8,400 baht


Image Description – Step by Step

Cleaned unit and equipments preparation.

Compare the tooth color before the cool light teeth whitening by dentist.

Oral check-up for preparation.

Teeth cleaning (scalinig and polishing) – the oral preparation before cool light teeth whitening.

Doctor Thayawadi protect his gum by apply the gum resin.

Strength the gum resin by curled light.

Cool light teeth whitening gel applying.

Cool Light teeth whitening.

Cool Light teeth whitening.

Cool Light teeth whitening.

Remove gel, and gum protection.

Teeth color comparision after the procedure.

Big smile after Cool Light Teeth Whitening treatment.





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