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Name Michael  Hardy
Treatment On November 2007, 4
Nationality American
Gender Male
Age 40
Patient Number   50011392
Oral Diagnosis Discolor Tooth, Stain & Stone, Decay
Treatment 1) Cool Light Teeth Whitening   1   visit (30 minutes)   7,900 baht
2) Cleaning 1 visits (30 minutes)                                           800 baht
3) White Filling (17 teeth) 2 visits (120 minutes)            11,100 baht

Time Total 180 minutes (2 hrs+1 hr)

2 visits

Cost Total 18,900 baht


Image Description – Step by Step

Our dentist compared tooth color of Mr.Hardy before cool light teeth whitening.

Oral preparation for cool light teeth whitening.

Dental polish is the first treatment.

Teeth cleaning – Scaling and Polishing.

Protect the his gum by apply the gum-resin.

Dental resin.

Suck saliva from case area.

Check again for drying area.

Strenght dental gum.

Clean his tooth surface.

Dr.Thayawadi carefully apply the teeth whitening gel on front area.

Cool Light Whitening machine.

Take it about 30 minutes for Cool Light Whitening treatment.

30 Mins passed, Dr.Thayawadi remivoved the gum resin from his mouth.

And cleaned his mouth.

Dr.Thayawadi compared the tooth color after cool light teeth whitening.





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