For those people seeking to replace small bridges, removable partial dentures and even missing single teeth, a dental implant is an increasing popular procedure for both functional and aesthetic reasons. The implant itself is a specially-fabricated titanium screw set into the jawbone as the first step in replacing a missing tooth. Titanium’s hygienic compatibility with the human body and its durability make it the perfect element for an implant anchor as the bone grows around the implant to hold the replacement tooth in place.

The varied benefits of dental implants included the following.

1) Increased dental health.

2) Aesthetic improvement to your smile.

3) The ability to eat whatever you want without the worry of your dentures slipping or sliding.

4) Speaking properly for the first time in years.

The procedure for dental implants require the placement of the titanium screw into the jaw. Approximately 6 weeks will have to pass before the dentist can see if the jawbone has accepted the implant. Once that has occurred you will be fitted with your new tooth (teeth) and regain the confidence to smile and eat as never before.


Pure titanium implants are produced in accordance with the highest quality and hygiene standards. A gentle surgical procedure is used to place the implants in the jawbone. The implants remain undisturbed for a period of usually 6 weeks (in healthy patients with good bone quality and quantity), while the bone remodels around them, forming a strong biological bond, similar to the bone between your natural tooth roots and jawbone.
Your new replacement teeth, which will be custom made with both functional and cosmetic needs in mind, will be firmly attached to the connector. Fabricating your new teeth.



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