Dental Point Clinic

Our Service & Price

Dental Point Clinic, our clinic does not charge hidden credit card or consultation charges (not including the x-ray and sterile fee of 50 baht per time). Dental Point clinic, it is our policy, duty, and responsibility to ensure that all our dental instruments and equipment are sterilized according to high standards and abiding by international protocols.

General Dentistry

Service normal price (Baht) promotion limited
Sterile fee 50
Check up and Consultation 200-500 free
Cleaning 900-1,500
Cleaning with Airflow 1,500-2,500 1,500
Sealant /tooth 500
White Filling /side start 800
Extraction 800-1,500
Wisdom Tooth Removal 2,500-4,000
Embedded Tooth Removal 4,500-6,000


Cosmetic Dentistry

Service normal price (Baht) promotion limited
Teeth Whitening in Office 4,500 2,990
Teeth Whitening at Home 4,500
Extreme Whitening Teeth 8,000 6,000
Gum Surgery /tooth 500
Crown Lengthening 6 teeth 10,000-15,000
Composite Veneer /tooth 2,500 6 teeth up discount 10%
Edelweiss Veneer /tooth 8,000 6 teeth up discount 10%
Porcelain Veneer /tooth 13,000 6 teeth up discount 10%
Diamond Fixed /each 1,500 990


Restorative Dentistry

Service normal price (Baht) promotion limited
Root Canal Treatment for Front Tooth 6,000
Root Canal Treatment for Premolar Tooth 8,000
Root Canal Treatment for Molar Tooth 12,000
Dental Pin 3,000-4,000
Acrylic Partial Denture start 3,500
Metal Partial Denture start 8,000
Full Denture 25,000
Crown /tooth 10,000-15,000
Bridge start 25,000
Implant with Crown 35,000



Service normal price (Baht) promotion limited
Metal Self-Ligate Braces start 45,000
Clear Aligner start 6,000
Invisalign Aligner start 29,000
Invisalign Comprehensive Full Course 150,000-180,000
Clear Retainer 3,100
Fixed Retainer 5,000
Night Guard Retainers 8,900

No Discrimination in Charges for Oversea Cases. Our clinic has a strict policy that we do not discriminate prices between our local and oversea patients. The range of varying prices quoted above is based dependent upon the severity or difficulty of each individual case.