Bleaching Direction

Whitening Descriptions

Step by Step

1.Dentist will compare teeth color before cool light teeth whitening.

2.Dentis polish your teeth surface for the most effect whitening programe.

3.Apply the vasseline on your lips before wearing the oral gate.

4.The oral gate wearing is comfortable tool to help open the mouth 30 minutes.

5.Dry your teeth and gum before apply the whitening gel.

6.The dentist will protect your gum with gum barrier, dental dam.

7.Light the gum barrier.

8.Oral preparation.

9.Apply the teeth whitening gel before cool lighting.

10.Teeth whitening gel.

11.Cool Light machine preparation.

12.Cool Light teeth whitening take time 30 mins.

13.Stop every 10 minutes.

14.Remove the gel before starting whitening programe again.

15.Dry mouth again.

16.Cool light teeth whitening gel preparation.

17.Apply the teeth whitening gel again.

18.Cool Light Whitening again.

19.Stop the teeth whitening procedure after 30 minutes.

20.Remove the teeth whitening gel.

21.Remove dental dam from your mouth.

22.Remove dental dam and clean.

23.Compare teeth color after COOL LIGHT TEETH WHITENING.

24.COOL LIGHT TEETH WHITENING PROGRAM complete in 30 minutes.


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